About Us – About this site

We believe strongly in making the software developers experience easier, more reliably and more enjoyable. Ultimately this will result in faster, cheaper and better business applications that can truly have an impact on an organisation.

We are techies at heart who want to engage with the development community to accelerate innovation in support of container based software. Equally we are happy to speak to a ‘C ‘ level exec about the impact of high quality software development processes on their business.

So whether you are a rookie (should that be a rhuki, sorry) or an experienced software developer we hope that there will be content on our site that will be of interest to you.

We aim to cover all aspects of container based development;

  • Frameworks and languages
  • Application management – scaling and resilience
  • Continuous integration & continuous delivery processes
  • Container management and assurance
  • Security of containers and associated Kubernetes resources

Who are we

This site is lead by the Mark Roberts and Ian ‘Uther’ Lawson, but in reality this is a community of like minded people who will all contribute content. If you want to share too – please get in touch.

Mark Roberts

A software developer at heart with experience ranging from embedded systems in ‘C’, to build and deployment automation in Groovy. I now work at Red Hat helping customers to get the best out of cloud-native applications.

Interested in automation pipelines, security and anything that runs in a container.

Email : markroberts@redhat.com

Ian ‘Uther’ Lawson

A passionate and enthusiastic developer hiding out at Red Hat; I’ve been a huge JAVA fan since before it was called JAVA so I may be a little JAVA-centric. Too many repos in GitHub full of juicy ideas ‘in progress’.

Interested in all things Kubernetes and AI/ML, especially language and text oriented.

Email : ilawson@redhat.com